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Within CHENYI, our skilled workforce comprising artists, metalworkers, assembly workers, acrylic technicians, and carpenters combine their expertise to manufacture top-quality acrylic products for exhibitions. Their collective dedication, craftsmanship, and attention to detail ensure that every project meets the highest standards of quality and visual impact.

Painting Workshop

Within our factory, we have a dedicated Painting Workshop where skilled artists and painters work on various acrylic painting projects. These talented individuals bring their expertise to create stunning artworks, utilizing different techniques, styles, and themes.

They work collaboratively with the design team to fulfill specific painting requirements for exhibition displays and other acrylic products. From preparing the canvases to applying layers of acrylic paint, our experienced painters ensure the highest level of artistry and attention to detail.

Metal Workshop

The Metal Workshop in our factory is staffed with skilled metalworkers who specialize in working with metals for exhibition-related purposes. These craftsmen and technicians employ their expertise in cutting, welding, shaping, and finishing metal components used in display structures, frames, pedestals, and custom fixtures.

They work closely with the design and engineering teams to bring the creative vision to life, ensuring precise fabrication and seamless integration of metal elements within the exhibition displays.

Assembly Workshop

In the Assembly Workshop, a team of experienced workers takes charge of assembling and installing various acrylic and metal components for exhibition displays. They meticulously follow design plans and instructions to ensure accurate positioning, alignment, and secure fastening of the elements.

These workers have a keen eye for detail and possess the skills necessary to handle delicate materials, ensuring the flawless presentation of exhibits. Their expertise lies in executing precise assembly techniques, managing logistical aspects, and ensuring the overall integrity of the finished products.

Acrylic Workshop

Within our factory, we have a dedicated Acrylic Workshop staffed by skilled technicians who specialize in working with acrylic materials. These workers handle the cutting, shaping, polishing, and bonding of acrylic sheets to create custom-made components and displays.

They utilize advanced machinery and tools to ensure accurate measurements, precise cuts, and seamless joints. Their attention to detail and technical proficiency guarantee the production of high-quality acrylic products that meet the specifications and aesthetic requirements of exhibition displays.

Carpentry Workshop

The Carpentry Workshop in our factory is manned by experienced carpenters who contribute their woodworking skills to the creation of custom wooden elements for exhibition displays. These craftsmen work with precision to craft wooden frames, structures, pedestals, and other fixtures that complement the overall design of the exhibits.

They collaborate closely with the design team to ensure that the wooden components align with the desired aesthetic and functional requirements. With their expertise, they deliver finely crafted wooden elements that add a touch of warmth and sophistication to the exhibition displays.

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