Zhejiang Chenyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a domestic joint venture specializing in the production of various shopping mall props, middle and high-end brand activity props, as well as exhibition and display solutions. Originally established in 2013 as Shanghai Tecen Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the company's factory is located in Minhang District, Shanghai.

In 2018, Zhejiang Chenyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was established in Xitang Ancient Town, Jiashan, Zhejiang, in response to the need for business expansion and an increased production capacity. With this expansion, the company is equipped to meet the growing demands of its clients and ensure a seamless production process.

Our company

The company's existing production plant area spans an expansive 15,000 square meters, providing a vast and well-organized space dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality acrylic products for exhibitions.

Where is CHENYI

About 80 kilometers fromthe center of Shanghai. It's located in Xitang Ancient Town, Jiashan, Zhejiang. Close to Shanghai, we boast better service and response to Shanghai's major brand customers, surrounded by a number of high-speed trunk lines, more convenient transportation hub center.

Our office serves as the heart of our operations, where our passionate team of professionals works tirelessly to deliver exceptional acrylic exhibition solutions to our esteemed clients.

The company possesses a stable and highly skilled production and management team that has accumulated extensive experience in production and research and development. With an innovative spirit, the team consistently delivers excellent results.

Currently, we serve as professional suppliers of brand props to renowned companies such as Auppes, Shiseido, Heineken, Budweiser, Hennessy, Jack Daniels, and more. Additionally, we have established long-term export services for Auppes and Shiseido brands to Japan, ensuring a reliable and consistent partnership.


Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art air purification systems, meeting stringent environmental impact assessment and testing standards. We take pride in being a qualified enterprise recognized for our commitment to environmental protection.


We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other esteemed brands, leveraging our extensive production experience, innovative spirit, and exceptional management team to deliver customized and high-quality exhibition and display solutions.

Our facility is equipped with advanced processing equipment for acrylic production and processing, wood product processing, stainless steel metal finishing, paint application (including wood veneer, iron, glass, acrylic, etc.), and vacuum electroplating.

With these comprehensive capabilities, we have established a robust production capacity. Furthermore, we take pride in our steady annual growth in output value, reflecting our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Our Journey

Our esteemed Acrylic Factory invites you to join forces and embark on a collaborative journey that will take your exhibitions to new heights of creativity and visual impact.

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